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About Mrs Argos Discount

Hi everyone I am Mrs. Argos Discount, although I was actually born Sarah Lee and I'm from Aughton, which is near Aintree, UK. I am a typical 28 year old (young) lady who works as a receptionist for a private dental practice. I love my job and I have worked there since I finished college in 2009.

I get quite a lot of free time apart from work, and one of my main hobbys is web design, which is partly why I decided to build this website. The other reason that I decided to build this site was because I was about to purchase a patio set for my balcony from Argos Online last month when I saw a pop up saying "Click here to receive a 20% discount on your order when you use an Argos voucher code". I was very intrigues so I clicked the link and found a whole new concept that I'd never heard of before: discount codes and deals!

There aren't many reputable websites that display information about discount codes for Argos, so I though it would be a great opportunity to start one. This site is not for profit though, just something I like to work on during my free time.

That's probably quite enough about me and my life for now, so if you want to get straight to the part where I can save you money then please navigate to the main page. Also if there's anything that you'd like to discuss with me about the site or Argos promo codes, then please Tweet me or use the Contact page.