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Funny: Argos Prank Call

May 20, 2016

Something a bit light hearted that I though could go on the site ahead of the weekend... someone decides to prank call his local Argos. It's hilarious!

Save a Fortune This Christmas with an Argos Discount Code

April 30, 2016

Although Christmas seems like it is a million miles away it’s never too early to being preparing for it. One of the easiest ways to soften the blow in nine months’ time is to make good use of Argos discount codes as and when they are available.

Christmas is the cause of financial struggle for many thousands of households for a number of reasons. Although people may think that these are reasons beyond their control there are actually a number of ways to make life that little bit easier nearer Christmas time. One of these ways is to plan carefully throughout the year by buying gifts at times when they are at their cheapest.

The great thing about Argos is the fact that it sells thousands of different products spanning many different categories and sub categories. This means that it is an excellent source to buy gifts for virtually anyone. So if you treat Argos as your one-stop gift shop for at least the majority of the year, then all you need to do is use an Argos discount code whenever you buy products from there to save yourself some money with an Argos discount.

On this site there are many different Argos discount codes to choose from, so this is where you have to be quite savvy if you want to get the biggest possible savings. Fortunately there is always at least one working Argos discount code available to redeem, and there are often several deals as well.

Another great website that will help you to make the most of your money when you shop online at virtually any website is Money Saving Expert.

The general rule of thumb is to choose the deal that is going to save you the most money on the overall cost of your purchases. For example if you have £200 worth of electricals in your shopping trolley, and £100 worth of clothes then it would make more sense to use the “20% off everything at Argos” discount code as opposed to the “30% off all Toys and Games” voucher code.

In addition to the discount codes there are always plenty of deals that can be taken advantage of, such as free gift vouchers if you spend over a certain amount on their website. You can get Argos gift vouchers if you are a loyal customer of the Argos store card as well. If you use the store card to make your purchases throughout the year then by the end of year you will be rewarded with Argos vouchers in denominations of £5 that can be redeemed against purchases made both online at as well as instore.

It just goes to show that not only can you spread the cost of Christmas by choosing to buy your gifts for people throughout the year you can also save money when you use an Argos discount code against your purchases.

The Argos Digital Store

April 9, 2016

Argos is going digital! Find out all about it here:

Welcome to the Site!

March 17, 2016

My name is Sarah Lee otherwise known as Mrs. Argos Discount and this website is all about saving money when you shop at Argos. So get the kettle on, get comfortable and feel free to browse the plethora of information on this website including information about Argos reward programs, Argos voucher and discount codes, the Argos store card and much, much more....

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